"Every coach has the opportunity to make a positive impact on your child’s life. I wanted my daughter to take skateboarding lessons that developed her as a person, not just a skater. Before Golden State Skateboarding she didn’t accept that falling is part of the skateboarding process. She associated falling with failure and feared getting hurt or worse laughed at by other skaters.


Slowly but surely they have developed her life skills: she can set goals, work towards them, and continue to work even if at first she does not succeed. Her confidence has grown so that she believes in herself; therefore, she can go to different parks and more importantly skate by herself for the sheer joy of skating.

Neal is also wonderful about introducing skaters to each other. He literally knows everyone! She’s still shy, but she is much better at facing new situations and people. The difference Golden State Skateboarding has made in her life is positive and noticeable – ask anyone who knew her before. I totally recommend Golden State Skateboarding for skateboard lessons and camps."

-Carlin Beal, Jordan Beal's Mom

Carol Beal and Daughter Jordan Beal