Private & Semi-Private Sessions

Private & Semi-Private Sessions

We guarantee a safe and memorable learning experience while having fun, or your money back! 


Private Sessions:

  • Private Sessions: 1 hr for $75; 4 Pack (4 hrs) for $280; 8 Pack (8 hrs) for $500.
  • Private Session 4 Packs will meet for 1 hour, once a week, over the course of a month. Private Session 8 Packs will meet for 1 hour, twice a week, over the course of a month. 


Semi-Private Sessions:

Alternatively, semi-private lessons are a great way for friends and family to enjoy learning in a small group setting of 2 at a time. This way, they are able to encourage and inspire each other to learn while bonding and having fun.​ ​After purchase, we will contact you to set up time and location.

  • Semi-Private Sessions (minimum two kids): 1 hr $45 

  • We also offer group sessions, when more than 2 kids are added, and the price will go down $5 per child/adult. 


Within 24 hours after your purchase, you will be contacted to set up a time and place for the lesson.