Mentoring Session

Mentoring Session


Our mentoring program offers a personalized experience of spending time with a good role model that can offer more than just teaching your child/adult how to skate. Every parent knows that having a good example in a child’s life, and someone for them to look up to, is essential for longterm development. We have found that having a mentor creates a safe place for individuals to discuss certain happenings, both positive and negative, and allows us to facilitate growth and comfort outside of the parents supervision.


We are big on teaching manners, respect for others, and etiquette in every aspect of life!


How it Works

  • We pick up and drop off at your home (North County Area)
  • Price includes 10 hours (4 sessions)
    • Each session is 2.5 hours (including drive time)
  • All inclusive: water and snacks included
  • We concentrate on personal development as well as fine tuning skate skills along with consistent progression


Upon ordering, Neal or one of the Golden State Skateboarding staff will contact you to set up a time and location for mentoring sessions.