With more than 30 years of skateboarding experience including more than 15 years as a professional skateboarder and over 10 years of judging experience, Neal Mims has the knowledge and long term experience to coach and mentor any skater at any level.


Considering his extensive background and passion of skateboarding and mentoring, Neal got the idea to share this experience by creating Neal Mims Skate Academy, where he was able to teach lessons in skateboarding and beyond, and even pioneered the first ever skateboarding travel experience. After over a decade of sharing his strategies and supporting skateboarders of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, Neal decided to expand his programs to offer services to an even wider audience by starting Golden State Skateboarding. 

​With years of knowledge of how the skateboarding industry works, Neal and his team can help cultivate career paths through skateboarding on an individual basis.

Golden State Skateboarding and the entire staff has dedicated their lives to skateboarding, all the while creating a safe and fulfilled environment for each individual child and adult they have worked with. With a positive attitude towards life in general, the Golden State Skateboarding crew is able to connect with each skater and make sure they're comfortable from the very beginning.

Golden State Skateboarding believes that it is important to introduce skateboarding in the most safe, fun, and positive way possible. We will help you understand what it takes to progress while breaking down the most basic to advanced fundamentals of skateboarding. It's important that everyone walks away with a big smile on their face, because that's what skateboarding is all about...FUN!

When it comes to taking competition seriously, Golden State Skateboarding has a unique way of engaging each athlete with a firm but FUN attitude, and will help guide you towards winning top tier competitions.

Whether you want to learn the basics, fine-tune your skills, or train to skate like an Olympian Skateboarder, Golden State Skateboarding can help you get there much faster!